What is Securitycheck Pro Control Center

Securitycheck Pro Control Center has been designed with one goal: to make Joomla administrator's life easier. Manage all your Joomla websites from a centralized console: launch remote tasks, make backups, install extensions remotely, update your extensions and even the Joomla core with a few clicks. NO MONTHLY FEES.

GDPR COMPLIANT. No need to use external services: use your own servers and keep your data under control.

Simplify your life. Save time and money. If you manage some Joomla websites, then surely you will waste many time every day. Saving some minutes in each task makes the difference between a good day and a stressed day. With Securitycheck Pro Control Center you will be able to:
  • Update your Joomla core and third party extensions easily. Monitor your sites and receive an alert in any of them is down.
  • Create (automated) remote backups.
  • View security issues without leaving Control Center.
  • Remote installer: Install extensions in bulk to all your managed sites with one click... And much more!
Keep all your sites under your control This extension is ideal for Joomla web developers and administrators. There are NO limits of how many websites you can monitor and the PRICE is UNBEATABLE.
Centralized console
Manage all your Joomla! websites from a centralized console.
Insane support
As with my other extensions, I provide insane support. If I'm not sleeping you will receive a reply to your queries in a few minutes (even on weekends).
Launch remote tasks and save time
Check for vulnerable extensions, look for malware, check your files' integrity/permission...
Install extensions in bulk
Select an extension and it will be installed on every remote site selected!
Automated backups
Use AkeebaBackup Pro to launch automated backups. Not Pro? Then get info about latest backups.
Get info about outdated extensions
You will be able to update them (even the joomla! core) to the latest version clicking on a button!
GDPR compliant
Full compliance with EU/your country privacy laws: keep your customers' data on your own website.
And much more to come!
The extension is under continuous imrpovement to add new features to make your life easier!

We have hundred's of Clients who trusted on our services all over the work. Hear is what they say!

Save tons
of work hours
under an unique console
your productivity
always updated