About Us

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Who we are?

Securitycheck Extensions specializes in extension for the Joomla! and WordPress CMS (Content Management System).

Securitycheck Extensions is a brand owned and run by Jose A. Luque.


Meet the team


Jose A. Luque Jose A. Luque

Owner and Lead Developer

Jose A. is an IT Engineer Bachelor Degree and Master Degree in Communication, Networks and Content Management who lives in Spain. He's been programming since he was a child in a variety of programming languages such BASIC, Java and PHP and he loves computer security, area in which is working since 2005.

He embraces the web and when he found Joomla! many years ago, felt in love and decided to do his bit creating powerful but understandable extensions to make webmaster's life easier. Member of the JUG Madrid, he also contributes to the Joomla! Community Magazine (Spanish Edition) and organizes the JoomlaDay Spain.