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Our extensions are Joomla! 3.x, Joomla! 4.x, PHP 7 and PHP 8 compatible.

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    Securitycheck Pro Control Center
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Track actions


Do you need to know what is happening on your Joomla site and what users have done?
This is your extension!

Requires Securitycheck Pro

Control Center Connect


Add intelligence to your sites managed by Control Center. Your managed websites will be interconnected sharing information to be more secure.

Requires Securitycheck Pro Control Center and Securitycheck Pro



Our simple but powerful tool to get analytics. Privacy focused.

Requires Securitycheck Pro Control Center and Securitycheck Pro

Securitycheck Pro J25


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Fully compatible
Joomla! 3.x, Joomla! 4.x, PHP 7 and PHP 8 compatible.

Don't overload your system
Protect your website without affecting your page's loading time. We can demonstrate it!

Vulnerable extensions?
Check for vulnerable components, plugins or modules with one click. We are not exaggeratingThe most complete databaseThe Joomla! ® Vulnerable Extensions List is the official place to report and look for vulnerable extensions, but it depends of the community, and there are a lot of vulnerabilities that are not published in it. We look for security advisories in other sites EVERY DAY to complete the VEL database, so we can affirm that we have the most complete database. when we say that our extension incorporates the most complete database about Joomla's vulnerabilities.

Web Firewall
Our Dynamic blacklist and emails notification gives you real-time protection. More InfoMore Web Firewall featuresBlacklist and Whitelist (ip range allowed), Events recording, Alert or strict mode, Redirection to a default page or drop connection if an attack is detected, Second level protection to find suspect words (with editable list of suspect words), Base64 check, Filter exception, mode and priority selection for greater flexibility and the option to Export logs in csv format.

Web Firewall
Protect your users (even from themselves) with our User Session and Hijacking protection.

Web Firewall
Forbid troublesome countries' access to your site with Geoblock feature, which allows us to block IP addresses based on its geolocation.

File Manager
You can check file/folder permissions and easily view misconfigured configurations. Any problem? Click 'Repair' button and permissions will be corrected.

File Integrity
Thousands of files in our Joomla! website, how to know if one of them is modified? With File Integrity you will be alerted when a change occurs in any file.

Cron Plugin
Get files status without affecting QoS. Launch File Manager or File Integrity tasks when your server has less workload.

Htaccess Protection
Lot of traffic from bots? Block malicious user-agents and increase overall security easily with this feature.

Htaccess Protection
Protect your backend with a secret key to prevent brute force and dictionary attacks.

Malware scanner
The most advanced malware scanner on the market. Look for suspicious patterns, known malware filenames and files with multiple extensions and check them against an online service with 40 anti-malware engines and millions of hashes on her databases. And all with two clicks!

Business Friendly
No idea about security? Apply our 'Easy Config' with one click and you will get a conservative configuration: a little bit less secure but more functional. Need more? You can choose to which groups apply Web Firewall rules.

Time saver
Check your Joomla! security status at a glance with our Module Info and our modular Control Panel.
Multiple sites? With our Securitycheck Pro Control Center extension you can remotely manage all your Securitycheck and Securitycheck Pro extensions from a centralized console. View your extensions status, launch remote tasks and even update them using this powerful extension!

Frequently Asked Questions

01Can I use the extension after my membership expires?
Yes. All our extensions licensed under Gnu/GPL. That means you are free to use the extension as per your choice.

02Am I allowed to edit source code of the component?
Yes, none of our source code is encrypted and you are free to make any modifications.

03If I renew my membership before it expires, what happens to my remaining days of current membership?
Your renewed membership will start only after your current membership expires. So no need to worry about it.

04Can I use the extension on multiple domains?
Of course yes.

05Am I fully protected with Securitycheck - Securitycheck Pro?
No. We can never feel completely safe with a security product. From this premise, our detection engine has been tested with 90 different types of attack, with a detection rate close to 100%. Furthermore, we are alert against new types of attack to incorporate its patterns into our detection engine.

06Why is it so important to know if we have vulnerable components?
Because many attacks against Joomla! are conducted through components that are vulnerable. In many cases, these components were installed by some need and now are disabled or not updated, but they are a potential danger source that still remain in the system.

07What's the difference between Securitycheck Pro and Securitycheck Pro Control Center?
Securitycheck Pro is our extension designed to protect your website. Securitycheck Pro Control Center allows you to remotely manage all your Securitycheck and Securitycheck Pro extensions from a centralized console.

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