What is Securitycheck Pro?

Securitycheck Pro is a global protection suite. Protect your website with the best Joomla security extension. Just download & install it. Ready to work in one minute. Easy to setup an customize.

Web Firewall

Get protection against SQL Injection, Cross-site scripting, LFI and RFI, Headers modification, CSRF and clickjacking attacks. Also protects your user's sessions againts hijacking and your backend against bruteforce and dictionary attacks. Forbids new administrative accounts (no matter how they were created).

File Integrity

Thousands of files in our Joomla website, hot to know if one of them is modified? With this feature you will be alerted even of a a minimal change.

File Manager

You can check file/folder permissions and easily view misconfigured configuration. Any problem? Click 'Repair' button and permissions will be fixed.

Malware scanner

The most advanced malware scanner on the market. Look for suspicious patterns, known malware filenames and files with multiple extensions and check them against an online service with 40 anti-malware engines and millions of hashes on its databases. Specially useful to detect encoded files. And all with two clicks!

Htaccess Protection

Want to hide your backend url? Add a secret key to your admin page to prevent dictionary and brute force attacks.

Vulnerabilities database

Securitycheck Pro incorporates a database where you can see all the vulnerabilities known to our version of Joomla. This database is constantly updated to include the latest vulnerabilities.

Remote management

Manage the extension remotelly through our Securitycheck Pro Control Center, which allows you to get all your extensions status, launch tasks and even update them from a centralized console.

Vulnerabilities checking

Securitycheck performs a check of the versions of all the components of your Joomla! installation, comparing them with its database to show if there are vulnerable extensions. Forget individually test of every component to avoid vulnerabilities: Securitycheck does it for you.

Cron plugin

Get files status without afecting QoS. Launch File Manager or File Integrity tasks when your server has less workload.

Module info

Check your Joomla security status at a glance.

Rules management

Trusted users? You can choose to which groups apply Web Firewall rules.