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  1. Comparision
  2. Changelog
  3. Control Center changelog
SecuritycheckSecuritycheck PRO
Web Firewall
Blacklist Yes Yes (ip ranges blocking allowed)
Whitelist Yes Yes (ip ranges blocking allowed)
Dynamic blacklist No Yes
Events recording Yes Yes
Mode selection No Yes
Drop connections No Yes
Second level protection Yes Yes (configurable)
Base 64 check Yes Yes
Email notification No Yes
Filter exceptions Yes Yes
User session protection Yes Yes
Session hijacking protection No Yes
Logs exporting No Yes
Geoblock No Yes
File Manager Yes Yes (Repair option included)
File Integrity No Yes
Malware scanner No Yes
.Htaccess Protection
Self-protection No Yes
Protection against malicious user-agents No Yes
Fingerprinting protection No Yes
Backend protection Yes Yes
Rules Management No Yes
Remote Management Yes Yes
Cron Plugin No Yes
Upload scanner No Yes
Module Info No Yes
Vulnerabilities checking Yes Yes
Vulnerabilities database No Yes
Live update Yes Yes
Database optimization No Yes

23-May-2015: Released version 2.7.9

  • + New feature: Upload scanner (Only Pro versions).
  • Now we can check uploaded files looking for files with multiple extensions and forbid certain extensions.
  • + Improvements in Web Firewall (both versions).
  • Now we can exclude vulnerable extensions from exceptions. This way we can avoid security risks if we stablish an extension as exception which is vulnerable.
  • + Improvements in System Info and Cpanel (Only J3X Pro versions).
  • Now we can see the overall status of security and extension. This will give you an idea of the level of protection applied by the extension's settings, the ability to know more about each setting and the option to change it.

19-Apr-2015: Released version 2.7.8

  • + Database update until xx-xx-2015 (6 new vulnerabilities added) (both versions).
  • + Improvements in .htaccess protection (Only Pro versions).
  • Now you can add your own code to the file and forbid direct access to files.
  • + Recoding of some methods to avoid 'Strict Standards' warnings (both versions).
  • Despite those warning are shown only when the server has incorrect values in some php fields (there are tons of links talking about this in Google), some users doesn't understand this and they think the extension has bugs.
  • + New feature: Notify if File Integrity is wrong (Only Pro versions).
  • Now we can send an email if there are modified files.
  • + New feature: Performance (Only Pro versions).
  • This feature has been designed to improve Joomla's performance. Now we can optimize and repair our mysql database.
  • + New feature: Remove meta tag (Only Pro versions).
  • Now you can delete Joomla's meta tag, which is used in some attacks to identify Joomla websites.

20-Mar-2015: Released version 2.7.6

  • + Fixed minor bug when exporting logs in csv format (Only Pro versions).
  • + Fixed fatal error when launching a File Manager task (Only free versions).
  • + New option to exclude Geoblock logs (Only Pro versions).
  • + New features for Control Center: Remote Backup and Remote Extension Updates (both versions).
  • Now you can remotelly update all outdated extensions (which use the Joomla update mechanism) and launch a remote backup (requires Akeeba Backup and Securitycheck Pro).

19-Apr-2015: Released version 1.1.5

  • + Added info about latest Database optimization.

20-Jan-2015: Released version 1.1.4

  • + Improvements in the console
  • It has been redesigned to group the info in tabs and show a more detailed info of the server. Now you can also access both managed website's fronted/backend clicking on a button.
  • + New features: Remote Backup and Extension Updates
  • Now you can remotelly update all outdated extensions (which use the Joomla update mechanism) and launch a remote backup (requires Akeeba Backup and Securitycheck Pro)

17-12-2014: Released version 1.1.3

  • + Improvements in remote tasks
  • If a managed site returns a redirection it will be followed to check results. This will avoid "Can't connect" messages.

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