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  1. Comparision
  2. Securitycheck Pro changelog
  3. Control Center changelog
  4. Spam Protection changelog
SecuritycheckSecuritycheck PRO
Web Firewall
IPv6 supported Yes Yes (CIDR ranges allowed)
Blacklist Yes Yes (ip ranges blocking allowed)
Whitelist Yes Yes (ip ranges blocking allowed)
Dynamic blacklist No Yes
Events recording Yes Yes
Mode selection No Yes
Drop connections No Yes
Second level protection Yes Yes (configurable)
Base 64 check Yes Yes
Email notification No Yes
Filter exceptions Yes Yes
User session protection Yes Yes
Session hijacking protection No Yes
Forbid new administrative accounts No Yes
Logs exporting No Yes
Geoblock No Yes
Track failed login attempts No Yes
File Manager Yes Yes (Repair option included)
File Integrity No Yes
Malware scanner No Yes
.Htaccess Protection
Self-protection No Yes
Protection against malicious user-agents No Yes
Fingerprinting protection No Yes
Backend protection Yes Yes
Rules Management No Yes
Remote Management Yes Yes
Cron Plugin No Yes
Upload scanner No Yes
Module Info No Yes
Vulnerabilities checking Yes Yes
Vulnerabilities database No Yes
Live update Yes Yes
Database optimization No Yes
Spam Protection Yes Yes

Oct 05 2017: Released version 2.8.22

  • + Database update until Oct 05 2017 (16 new vulnerabilities and 2 Joomla core vulnerabilities added) (both versions).
  • + GeoIP database updated (Only Pro version).
  • + Malware patterns updated (Only Pro version).
  • + Removed the Liveupdate feature (Only Pro version).
  • Now that Jooomla provides a method to update paid extensions, there is no need to keep this old feature of Akeeba.
  • + Improvements in the method to extract the offensive IP (both versions)
  • Preventing a way to hide the offensive IP using an empty header.
  • + Added button to send a test email (thank you very much for your suggestion Michael!) (Only Pro version).
  • From 'Email notifications' screen.
  • + Improvements in the 'system Info' feature (both versions)
  • Now it also checks if there are files of Akeeba Kickstart.
  • + Fixed minor bug in .htaccess protection (both versions)
  • Detecting if the "Own code feature" has been applied.
  • + Improvements in .htaccess protection (Only Pro version).
  • Now previous content of the .htaccess is keeped when we do changes.
  • + Improvements during uninstallation process (both versions)
  • Now we check if the plugins have been uninstalled previously.

Aug 17 2017: Released version 2.8.21

  • + Database update until Aug 17 2017 (2 new Joomla core vulnerabilities and 4 new vulnerabilities added) (both versions).

Jun 19 2017: Released version 2.8.20

  • + Database update until Jun 19 2017 (5 new vulnerabilities and 9 new Joomla core vulnerabilities added) (both versions).
  • + Deleted Facebook User agent from default banned user-agents list (Only Pro version).
  • + Added the ability to create an restore a backup of the original .htaccess file (Only Pro version).
  • This way the original .htaccess is kept and we can restore it if needed.
  • + Fixed bug in blacklist (thanks for reporting this Harry!) (Only Pro version).
  • Ips were not deleted of dynamic blacklist after the specified interval.
  • + Fixed bug adding more than one email to 'Emails notification' (thanks for reporting this Alain!)(Only Pro version).
  • Due to hardenize the code multiple values in the 'Email To' field reported an incorrect validation.
  • + Checking the new "Shared sessions" feature (both versions).
  • If the new feature "shared sessions" is enabled 'User sessions protection' feature will be automatically disabled to avoid a denial of service.
  • + Added new plugin: Securitycheck Pro installer (Only Pro version).
  • Now we also can update the extension using the native Joomla core feature.
  • + Fixed bug in User session protection feature (thanks for reporting this Dimitris!) (Only Pro version).
  • After a failed login attempt the IP was added to dynamic blacklist.
  • + Fixed css issue in logs screen (both versions).
  • + Added select box to choose the option to determine component involved (both versions).
  • There is a way to determine the extension involved accurately, but it fails on some Joomla installations. Now we can choose if we want to use it.
  • + Fixed minor bug in url inspector (Only Pro version).
  • Now it chechks if there is an empty value in suspicious words list.
  • + Added Dutch translation (again) (only free version).
  • Erwin, thank you very very much for your time and effort.
  • + Fixed bug checking IP ranges in CIDR format (Only Pro version).
  • There was a bug checking IPv4 ips into a CIDR range.
  • + Improving in the feature "Import Ips" to lists (Only Pro version).
  • Now we trim return carriages before importing the list.
  • + Fixed minor bug in backend protection exceptions (Only Pro version).
  • + Improvements in Update Database feature (Only Pro version).
  • Now we also look for the "Download id" in Configuration option of Securitycheck Pro.
  • + Improvements in main panel (Only Pro version).
  • Now we also see the status of our subscriptions.
  • + Improvements in update notifications for Control Center (Only Pro version).
  • + Fixed minor bug in onlinecheck agains OPSWAT (Only Pro version).
  • Due to a change in the OPSWAT response the info when a file/hash submitted is not found was incorrect.
  • + Fixed bug related to non-utf8 filenames (Only Pro version).
  • There was a bug transforming non-utf8 filenames to utf-8.

Oct 05 2017: Released version 1.1.19

  • + Removed the Liveupdate feature
  • Now that Jooomla provides a method to update paid extensions, there is no need to keep this old feature of Akeeba.
    + Added some improvements in usability.

Aug 17 2017: Released version 1.1.18

  • + Fixed bug in remote backups (thanks for your time and patience Fabian and Pablo!)
  • Some websites return a 301 code when the remote backup is launched; added some code to solve this.
  • + New feature: automated backups.
  • Now we can also launch an automated backup in any of our managed websites.
  • + Fixed bug in .htpasswd (thanks for your patience Frank!)
  • No task worked if there was a .htpasswd in frontend.
  • + Improvements in usability (thanks for your suggestion Frank!)
  • Now the screens to manage websites are responsive.
  • + Fixed bug in "select all" checkbox
  • Not all websites were selected.
  • + Fixed bug showing all managed websites after a task
  • After launching a "refresh" or "upload&install" task from "managed websites" screen only selected websites were shown.

Jun 19 2017: Released version 1.1.17

  • + Fixed grammar issues in english translation
  • Thanks for your contribution Richie!
  • + Fixed bug updating Securitycheck Pro (thanks for reporting this Richie!)
  • Updating the extension ended with an error message.
  • + Added new plugin: Securitycheck Pro Control Center installer
  • Now we also can update the extension using the native Joomla core feature.
  • + Improvements in main panel
  • Now we also see the status of our subscription.
  • + Improvements in remote backup with Akeeba
  • Now we can select the profile to launch the remote backup.
  • + Changes in a task (thank you very much for your suggestion Kai!)
  • The "Delete all blocked acccess logs" task is now "Delete all logs". This means ALL logs of remote sites will be deleted if we launch this task.
  • + Improvements in update notifications (thanks for your suggestion Pablo!)
  • Now we see installed and available version (as Joomla does) on each update found.
  • + Fixed minor bug during core update (thanks for your suggestion Kai!)
  • By mistake this process created a new path into de administrator folder.
  • + Changes in Manage Websites screen (thanks for your suggestion Kai!)
  • Now we also see the date of last file permissions, integrity and malware scans.

Dec 22 2016: Released version 1.0.3

  • + Fixed bug: IP was not added to logs.

Jun 27 2016: Released version 1.0.2

  • + Now we can choose which parameters (email, ip and username) must be checked against the StopForumSpam (requieres Securitycheck Pro).

May 31 2016: Released version 1.0.1

  • + Fixed bug checking against the Stopforumspam server that could cause a false positive.

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