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  1. Comparision
  2. Changelog
  3. Control Center changelog
SecuritycheckSecuritycheck PRO
Web Firewall
IPv6 support Yes Yes (CIDR ranges allowed)
Blacklist Yes Yes (ip ranges blocking allowed)
Whitelist Yes Yes (ip ranges blocking allowed)
Dynamic blacklist No Yes
Events recording Yes Yes
Mode selection No Yes
Drop connections No Yes
Second level protection Yes Yes (configurable)
Base 64 check Yes Yes
Email notification No Yes
Filter exceptions Yes Yes
User session protection Yes Yes
Session hijacking protection No Yes
Logs exporting No Yes
Geoblock No Yes
Track failed login attempts No Yes
File Manager Yes Yes (Repair option included)
File Integrity No Yes
Malware scanner No Yes
.Htaccess Protection
Self-protection No Yes
Protection against malicious user-agents No Yes
Fingerprinting protection No Yes
Backend protection Yes Yes
Rules Management No Yes
Remote Management Yes Yes
Cron Plugin No Yes
Upload scanner No Yes
Module Info No Yes
Vulnerabilities checking Yes Yes
Vulnerabilities database No Yes
Live update Yes Yes
Database optimization No Yes

Jan 25 2016: Released version 2.8.6

  • + Fixed a bug in Control Center secret keys (both versions).
  • Due to the change in the way to generate the secret keys I mistakely added a key of a minor length than 32 chars, so we get an error during cypher/decypher process. This doesn't affect to those with previously generated keys; only to new sites managed since last version.

Jan 19 2016: Released version 2.8.5

  • + Fixed bug in server detection (only free versions).
  • A missing line was causing not detect the server type properly.
  • + Fixed some italian language strings (Only Pro versions).
  • + Fixed bug in User session protection (Only Pro versions).
  • Sometimes you got a blank page if an user log in twice.
  • + Improvements in blacklist (thanks for your suggestion Dionysis!) (Only Pro versions).
  • Now you can't add your own IP to blacklist.
  • + Visual improvements (Only Pro versions).
  • Now all dropdowns have the Joomla 3 boostrapped visual effect.
  • + Improvements in User session protection (Only Pro versions).
  • Now we can choose to which groups apply these features.
  • + Improvements in Firewall lists (Only Pro versions).
  • Now we can set the priority for each list;this way we have greater flexibility.
  • + Fixed bug in Firewall Lists dropdown (Only Pro versions).
  • If the dropdown was set to "All" nothing was showed.
  • + Improvements in Malware scanner (Only Pro versions).
  • Now the malware scanner is able to detect encoded files and the accuracy has been improved. The malware scan status now also shows an "Alert level" to warn us about how dangerous is the threat.
  • + Improvements in the generation of secret keys (both versions).
  • Secret keys are now generated using javascript, so the page will not be recharged (and you do not lose any unsaved data) when the key is generated.

Dec 21 2015: Released version 2.8.4

  • + Database update until Dec 21 2015 (6 new Joomla core vulnerabilities and 1 new vulnerability added) (both versions).
  • + Improvements in server detection (thanks for report this, Martin!) (both versions).
  • When the server running Joomla was 'LiteSpeed', .htaccess options were not available.
  • + New language avaiable: Italian (Only Pro versions).
  • Thank you very much for your effort, Gianluca!
  • + Added new malware pattern (thanks for your contribution, Matt!) (Only Pro versions).
  • + Added code to detect a phising site (thanks Antonino!)(Only Pro versions).
  • Despite the extension was not designed to detect cases like this (phishing sites), I have added some patterns to detect a dangerous code designed to steal bank credentials.

Jan 06 2016: Released version 1.1.8

  • + Improvements in Redirection mechanism detection (thanks for your time and patience, Martin!)
  • Now we can also detect redirections using an .htaccess file from http to https.

Dec 10 2015: Released version 1.1.7

  • + New language available: Italian (Gianluca, thank you very much for your excellent work!)

Jul 10 2015: Released version 1.1.6

  • + New languages availables: German and Dutch (Astrid and Wouter, thank you very much for your excellent work!)

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