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Securitycheck J25

Our free extension for J25.

Per our policy regarding End-Of-Life Joomla! release branches, no new features will be added to 2.5 branch and our support for Joomla! 2.5 will end on December 10th, 2015.

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SecuritycheckSecuritycheck PRO
Web Firewall
Blacklist Yes Yes (ip ranges blocking allowed)
Whitelist Yes Yes (ip ranges blocking allowed)
Dynamic blacklist No Yes
Events recording Yes Yes
Mode selection No Yes
Drop connections No Yes
Second level protection Yes Yes (configurable)
Base 64 check Yes Yes
Email notification No Yes
Filter exceptions Yes Yes
User session protection Yes Yes
Session hijacking protection No Yes
Logs exporting No Yes
Geoblock No Yes
Track failed login attempts No Yes
File Manager Yes Yes (Repair option included)
File Integrity No Yes
Malware scanner No Yes
.Htaccess Protection
Self-protection No Yes
Protection against malicious user-agents No Yes
Fingerprinting protection No Yes
Backend protection Yes Yes
Rules Management No Yes
Remote Management Yes Yes
Cron Plugin No Yes
Upload scanner No Yes
Module Info No Yes
Vulnerabilities checking Yes Yes
Vulnerabilities database No Yes
Live update Yes Yes
Database optimization No Yes

22-Oct-2015: Released version 2.8.2

  • All changes (except database updates) are referred to our Joomla 3.X branch due to our End-Of-Life policy of Joomla 2.5.
  • + Database update until Oct 22 2015 (1 new vulnerability and 4 Joomla core vulnerabilities added) (both versions).
  • + Fixed fatal error when no maths functions are loaded (Only Pro versions).
  • In that case we called a file which was not included in the previous release.
  • + Fixed error which caused a blank page when selecting "Lists" option of Firewall configuration (thanks for report this, Renato) (Only Pro versions).

07-Sep-2015: Released version 2.8.1

  • All changes (except database updates) are referred to our Joomla 3.X branch due to our End-Of-Life policy of Joomla 2.5.
  • + Database update until Sep 07 2015 (5 new vulnerabilities added and 1 deleted) (both versions).
  • + Changes in Geoblock (Only Pro versions).
  • The obsolete GeoLite has been replaced by Geolite2.
  • + Re-encoding of vulnerabilities system (both versions).
  • Due to the initial design of the extensions, vulnerabilities were segmented by Joomla branch. Now all vulnerabilities are included in the same database, so it won't need a different version of the extension for every Joomla branch in the future.
  • + Check for pre-requisite during installation (both versions).
  • Now we check if the "mb_strlen" function, which is needed by the extension, is installed.
  • + New language available: Dutch (thanks for your effort, Wouter!) (Only Pro versions).
  • + Improvements in redirection option (Only Pro versions).
  • Now we can choose another page to redirect when an attack is detected and also there is an editor to write our own code to be shown when a blocked IP tries to access our website.
  • + New "Delete all" button available in Web Firewall logs (thanks for your suggestion, Josh!) (both versions).
  • Now you can delete all log entries with one click.
  • + Fixed minor bug (both versions).
  • You got an error checking vulnerable component if the argument is not well constructed (thanks for sharing this Shaifful!)

01-Jul-2015: Released version 2.8.0

  • All changes (except database updates) are referred to our Joomla 3.X branch due to our End-Of-Life policy of Joomla 2.5.
  • Thanks to Chris Partsenidis for his suggestions to improve the extension!)
  • + Database update until Jul 01 2015 (2 new vulnerabilities and 2 Joomla! core vulnerabilities added) (both versions).
  • + Fixed bug on Htaccess protection (Only Pro versions).
  • We obtained a 403 error applying the Disallow Access to Sensible Files option.
  • + Fixed bug in Clear buttons (Only Pro versions).
  • Fields where not successfully cleared using this button.
  • + Fixed minor bugs and done some changes for clarity (Only Pro versions).
  • + Removed Refresh buttons (both versions).
  • After launching a manual task (File integrity, permissions or malware scan), summary tables automatically display latest results.
  • + Changes on malware scan for clarity (Only Pro versions).
  • Now we can see the name of infected files on Malware scan summary table.
  • + New feature: Track failed login attempts (Only Pro versions).
  • Now we can monitorize failed login attempts from backend and frontend and take actions against them.
  • + Added new options to Cron tasks (Only Pro versions).
  • Now we can launch tasks every 1,2,4,6,8 and 12 hours. These new options provides maximum flexibility for sites which are dealing with attacks.
  • + Added xml as blacklisted extension in Upload Scanner (Only Pro versions).
  • + Redefined style of Overall security status on Cpanel (Only Pro versions). (thanks for your suggestion, Esmond!)
  • + Ability to change email's subject on file integrity notifications (Only Pro versions). (thanks to Josh for his suggestion!)
  • + New language available: German (Only Pro versions). (thanks to to Astrid for her effort!)

Jul 10 2015: Released version 1.1.6

  • + New languages availables: German and Dutch (Astrid and Wouter, thank you very much for your excellent work!)

Apr 19 2015: Released version 1.1.5

  • + Added info about latest Database optimization.

Jan 20 2015: Released version 1.1.4

  • + Improvements in the console
  • It has been redesigned to group the info in tabs and show a more detailed info of the server. Now you can also access both managed website's fronted/backend clicking on a button.
  • + New features: Remote Backup and Extension Updates
  • Now you can remotelly update all outdated extensions (which use the Joomla update mechanism) and launch a remote backup (requires Akeeba Backup and Securitycheck Pro)

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