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  2. Changelog
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  4. Spam Protection
SecuritycheckSecuritycheck PRO
Web Firewall
IPv6 supported Yes Yes (CIDR ranges allowed)
Blacklist Yes Yes (ip ranges blocking allowed)
Whitelist Yes Yes (ip ranges blocking allowed)
Dynamic blacklist No Yes
Events recording Yes Yes
Mode selection No Yes
Drop connections No Yes
Second level protection Yes Yes (configurable)
Base 64 check Yes Yes
Email notification No Yes
Filter exceptions Yes Yes
User session protection Yes Yes
Session hijacking protection No Yes
Logs exporting No Yes
Geoblock No Yes
Track failed login attempts No Yes
File Manager Yes Yes (Repair option included)
File Integrity No Yes
Malware scanner No Yes
.Htaccess Protection
Self-protection No Yes
Protection against malicious user-agents No Yes
Fingerprinting protection No Yes
Backend protection Yes Yes
Rules Management No Yes
Remote Management Yes Yes
Cron Plugin No Yes
Upload scanner No Yes
Module Info No Yes
Vulnerabilities checking Yes Yes
Vulnerabilities database No Yes
Live update Yes Yes
Database optimization No Yes
Spam Protection Yes Yes

May 23 2016: Released version 2.8.9

  • + Database update until May 23 2016 (3 new vulnerabilities added) (both versions).
  • + Fixed minor bug in Session Protection (Only Pro version).
  • If for some reason the plugin can't determine the groups to which the user belongs, then a warning was shown.
  • + Improvements in File Integrity/Manager (Only Pro version).
  • Reduced the info to store of every file/folder analyzed. Now some info is added at the moment of showing the info. This will reduce the amount of memory needed to store all the data without losing information (around 20%). If you have issues with the memory_limit, click on the 'Initilize Data' button and after that launch a new File Integrity/Permissions scan.
  • + Improvements in remote tasks (Only Pro version).
  • Due to a change in the way to update the Joomla core (no more available through the Update extensions feature) updates of the Joomla core failed. Since now we will update it using the Joomla! update feature included in the core.
  • + Fixed bug in Database update (thanks for report this Alex!) (Only Pro version).
  • When the curl_init function is not enabled, we get a fatal error.
  • + Added new features to .htaccess protection (Only Pro version).
  • Added options to improve web site performance.
  • + Added new server as apache web server (thank for your time and patience Robert!) (both versions).
  • The WisePanel Web Server is now recognized as apache server.
  • + Improvements in Web Firewall (thanks for report this, Toni!) (both versions).
  • Now we have a more reliable method to get the attacker's ip.
  • + Fixed bug during installation (thanks for report this konstantinos!) (Only Pro version).
  • Changed some row definitions to avoid conflicts with some reserved words.
  • + New feature: Spam protection (both versions).
  • Now we can check the ip, username and email during user registration against the best spammer service, stopforumspam. This way we can prevent spammers to register in our site. Requires a new free plugin: Securitycheck Spam Protection.

Apr 02 2016: Released version 2.8.8

  • + Database update until Apr 02 2016 (3 new vulnerabilities added) (both versions).
  • + Support for remote installations (Only Pro version).
  • Securitycheck Pro Control Center now allows remote installation of extensions in managed sites. Added code to support this new feature.
  • + Fixed minor bug in backend exceptions (Only Pro version).
  • Now we check for empty strings before apply every exception.
  • + Minor changes in en-GB language (thank you for your contribution Howard!) (Only Pro version).
  • + New feature: forbid frontend login (thanks for your suggestion Komir!) (Only Pro version).
  • Now we can forbid to members of the 'Super Users' group to log in into frontend.
  • + New feature: purge sessions (thanks for your suggestion Komir!) (Only Pro version).
  • Now we can purge all sessions. This is useful if users have problem to log into the site.
  • + Fixed bug during installation (thank your your patience Craig!) (Only Pro version).
  • We got an error due to a mismatch in a table column name.
  • + Improvements in Database Update mechanism (both versions).
  • Added a complementary method to retrieve the info of the xml file to avoid restrictions in some hosting providers.
  • + Fixed minor bug in .htaccess protection (Only Pro version).
  • Due to the design of texarea, html tags into the 'Own code' field were deleted before storing it.
  • + Updated predefined list of banned user-agents (thanks for your help Craig!) (Only Pro version).
  • To cover those cases trying to exploit the dangerous vulnerability discover on Joomla 3.4.5
  • + Added info to Geoblocking feature (Only Pro version).
  • Blocking some countries you will also block legitimate bots coming from there. For example, if you block United States, Googlebot will not be able to reach your site.
  • + Added option to exclude access attempts from logs (Only Pro version).
  • This way we avoid thousands of logs when banned IPs try to access to the site.
  • + Change file integrity behaviour on first scan (Only Pro version).
  • Now all files are marked as SAFE during the first scan. We will also get a badge reporting this.
  • + Fixed bug in htaccess protection (thanks for report this Bill!) (Only Pro version).
  • This feature didn't use the info of existing htaccess.txt file (if exists); this caused the addition of outdated code when a new .htaccess file was generated.
  • + Added new feature to .htaccess protection (thanks for your suggestion Francesco!) (Only Pro version).
  • Now you can edit the default user-agent blacklist to suit your needs.
  • + Minor changes in all scan tasks (both versions).
  • Due to the default behaviour of Joomla's core JFolder function, the file .htaccess was excluded of all scans. Now has been added.
  • + Fixed minor bug in web firewall logs (thanks for report this Bill!) (Only Pro version).
  • Geoblock labels were reversed.
  • + New language available: en-US (thanks for your contribution Bill!) (Only Pro version).
  • + Added options to check for mandatory files (Only Pro version).
  • Now we check for some mandatory files to avoid blank pages if for some reason they don't exists.
  • + Fixed deprecated alert on PHP 7 (thanks for report this Etitek!) (both versions).
  • + Updated info about Metascan-online (Only Pro version).
  • Metascan-online now is Metadefender Cloud. Updated definitions and servers to contact to.

Feb 17 2016: Released version 2.8.7

  • + Database update until Feb 17 2016 (2 new vulnerabilities added) (both versions).
  • + Improvements in backend protection (Only Pro versions).
  • Now you can add exceptions to backend protection. This is useful for some components that must be accessed directly from the backend. It also adds an exception to avoid the 404 error when you launch a remote task with this feature enabled.
  • + Reconfigured ACL of Securitycheck Pro Info Module (thanks for report this, Luca!) (Only Pro versions).
  • If Securitycheck Pro ACL "Access Administration Interface" is set to Denied (or the calculated setting is Not Allowed), then the Info Module will not be shown.
  • + Added new patterns to the malware scanner (Only Pro versions).
  • + Lists resume added to Statistic (thank you for your suggestion Michael!)(Only Pro versions).
  • Now we can see the number of elements of each list (Blacklist, WhiteList and Dynamic Blacklist) and latest Ips added. We can also manage them using a button
  • + Fixed minor bug on dynamic blacklist feature (Only Pro versions).
  • Now we have the option to send an email on every backend login.
  • + New feature: email notification on backend login (Scott, Komir, thanks for your suggestion!) (Only Pro versions).
  • Only the latest Ip added were showed. Now all Ips are listed.
  • + Fixed minor bug in Dutch translation (thank for report this Wouter!) (Only Pro versions).
  • + Improved HTTP headers protection (Only Pro versions).
  • Now it checks if the module needed to work is installed; this way we prevent errors if we enable this options and the module is not installed.
  • + Fixed bug in Session protection (Only Pro versions).
  • Sessions were not deleted when a user didn't log out, causing the user wasn't able to log in when he visited the site later.
  • + Fixed minor bug in Session hijack protection (Only Pro versions).
  • Due to the change to accept IPv6 IPs, the IP was not properly stored so this caused issues under certain circunstances.
  • + Improvements in htaccess protection (thank for oyur suggestion Francesco!) (Only Pro versions).
  • Now the current .htaccess file is deleted when 'Protect' button is clicked.

May 22 2016: Released version 1.1.10

  • + Improvements in the 'Refresh Info' feature
  • Now we also get the returned message by the remote server when it can't be reached. This way we have a clue of what's happening.
  • + Added code to overwrite server restriction limits (max_execution_time)

Apr 02 2016: Released version 1.1.9

  • + Added ordering to 'Manage Websites' option (thanks for your suggestion, Alessandro!)
  • Now we can order listed websites by Alias, Name, Updated, Core version installed, Last contact and Website response code fields.
  • + Improvements in the 'Refresh Info' feature
  • Now only the info of listed websites after a search is refreshed (previously all websites were refreshed).
  • + New feautre: remote installations
  • Securitycheck Pro Control Center now allows remote installation of extensions in managed sites. Just select an extension and it will be uploaded and installed on every remote site selected.

Jan 06 2016: Released version 1.1.8

  • + Improvements in Redirection mechanism detection (thanks for your time and patience, Martin!)
  • Now we can also detect redirections using an .htaccess file from http to https.

May 23 2016: Released version 1.0.0

  • + Initial changelog

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