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6 months 3 weeks ago - 6 months 3 weeks ago #7276 by dggray
I am using Jsitemap with their K2 extension which uses a SQL string. This string gets deleted when I click save. They think it is my security plugin “SecurityCheck Pro” that is deleting the string. I have disabled all that I could in the dashboard and changed Mode from alert to strict. That did not fix my problem so I went to Joomla Plugins and shut off all four SecurityCheck plugins. The issue still persist. Is it possible that SecurityCheck is still causing the problem with the SQL string being deleted? Or have I proven it is not SecurityCheck doing it.

The SQL string is:
CONCAT_WS(':', `#__k2_items`.`id`, `#__k2_items`.`alias`) AS `id`,
FROM `#__k2_items`
JOIN `#__k2_categories` ON `#__k2_items`.`catid` = `#__k2_categories`.`id`
`#__k2_categories`.`published` = '1'
AND `#__k2_items`.`published` = '1'
AND `#__k2_items`.`access` IN {aid}
AND (`#__k2_items`.`language` = '*' OR `#__k2_items`.`language` = '' OR `#__k2_items`.`language` = {langtag})
AND `#__k2_items`.`trash` = '0'
AND (`#__k2_items`.`publish_down` > NOW() OR `#__k2_items`.`publish_down` = '0000-00-00 00:00:00')
`#__k2_categories`.`name` ASC,
`#__k2_items`.`title` ASC
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6 months 3 weeks ago #7277 by Jose
Hi dggray,

I'm sure Securitycheck Pro is not causing your issue because:

- If Securitycheck Pro applies a rule you get a "The webmaster has forbidden the access to this site" and the action is not done.

- You disabled all plugins related to my extension, so no firewall rule is applied.

Where do you edit the SQL string? Remember that, by default, Joomla filters html and other code when you use the default code editor.


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