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This is a compilation of common issues and how to solve them.

1.- I can't log into my site / There has been a problem and I think Securitycheck Pro is the culprit
If you have been banned from your website you can use the OTP feature to get access to your site. See this entry to know how.

If there are other issues not related with your IP blocked, try this:
Launch this query from phpmyadmin (or similar) to disable Securitycheck Pro plugins (Web Firewall and Cron plugins).
UPDATE #_extensions SET enabled=0 WHERE name='System - Securitycheck Pro' UPDATE #_extensions SET enabled=0 WHERE name='System - Securitycheck Pro Cron'
Remember to change the # character with your database prefix.

If this doesn't work try disabling all the extensions manually; launch the following query and set the "enabled" row of all listings to 0
If this also doesn't work try renaming the following folders

If TrackActions is installed also rename

2.- I get a blank page or tasks (File Integrity/File Manager) never end / No files are shown under File Integrity/File manager
This is usually related to a low value in the memory_limit directive of PHP. Securitycheck Pro tries to dinamically overwrite this limit, but this is not allowed by some hosting providers.
A value of 256M is high enough for almost all sites, but it depends of the amount of data to store (number of files and path mainly).

3.- Images or content showed into pop-ups are not working
Check the X-frame options under the HTTP Headers Protection (.Htaccess Protection). If it set to DENY, no iframe is allowed. Just set it to NO, save the changes and apply protection again.
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