Impact of Securitycheck Pro in page's loading time

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9 years 2 weeks ago - 9 years 2 weeks ago #1083 by Jose
Sometimes some of you ask me how using Securitycheck Pro can affect their website, talking about page load time. I know this is [strike]really[/strike] extremelly important for many people and this is why I decided to show you using Securitycheck Pro will not affect your website's speed. Obviously, the usage of a web firewall will have an impact in our system; it has to monitorize every access to our website. Till now, no one has ever checked this impact (at least, I have been looking for information like this in similar extensions and I haven't find this info).

The main idea is to monitorize a Joomla! website during a simulated "attack" conducted during 5 minutes with and without Securitycheck Pro and then compare results. Munin , an excelent monitoring tool for website environments and Joomscan , a Joomla! security scanner which allows us to check vulnerabilities. I will also use a "clean" installation of Joomla! to avoid the influence of other extensions.
Everybody can reproduce following results using the instructions and environment proposed.

To do this I used:
Machine A
- LAMP server
- Latest Joomla! and Securitycheck Pro versions.
- Munin
Machine B
- Linux Desktop
- Joomscan

First, I will use Joomscan against our Joomla! website with Securitycheck Pro disabled:

Results represent the normal usage of our website:

We have an average HTTP load time of 121.29 ms. We also see the traffic received.

To be more precise, I also add the site response time and Apache volume:

Now we are going to enable Securitycheck Pro firewall but disabling dynamic blacklist feature to avoid blocking offensive IP:

Launching again Joomscan against our Joomla! website and the results were as follows:

We can see the same eth0 traffic of the first "attack" and now we obtained an average HTTP load time of 124.09 ms.

I also add the site response time and Apache volume:

So there is a difference of 0.003 ms using Securitycheck Pro, so we can affirm Securitycheck Pro has no influence in our website's speed!
And there are many advantages if you use it!!
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