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4 years 6 months ago #2528 by Jose
We have updated Securitycheck and Securitycheck Pro to 2.8.9 version to add new features and fix some bugs:

+ Database update until May 23 2016 (3 new vulnerabilities added) (both versions).
+ Fixed minor bug in Session Protection (only Pro version).
If for some reason the plugin can't determine the groups to which the user belongs, then a warning was shown.
+ Improvements in File Integrity/Manager (only Pro version).
Reduced the info to store of every file/folder analyzed. Now some info is added at the moment of showing the info. This will reduce the amount of memory needed to store all the data without losing information (around 20%). If you have issues with the memory_limit, click on the 'Initilize Data' button and after that launch a new File Integrity/Permissions scan.
+ Improvements in remote tasks (only Pro version).
Due to a change in the way to update the Joomla core (no more available through the Update extensions feature) updates of the Joomla core failed. Since now we will update it using the Joomla! update feature included in the core.
+ Fixed bug in Database update (thanks for report this Alex!) (only Pro version).
When the curl_init function is not enabled, we get a fatal error.
+ Added new features to .htaccess protection (only Pro version).
Added options to improve web site performance.
+ Added new server as apache web server (thank for your time and patience Robert!) (both versions).
The WisePanel Web Server is now recognized as apache server.
+ Improvements in Web Firewall (thanks for report this, Toni!) (both versions).
Now we have a more reliable method to get the attacker's ip.
+ Fixed bug during installation thanks for report this konstantinos!) (only Pro version).
Changed some row definitions to avoid conflicts with some reserved words.
+ New feature: Spam protection (only Pro version).
Now we can check the ip, username and email during user registration against the best spammer service, stopforumspam. This way we can prevent spammers to register in our site. Requires a new free plugin: Securitycheck Spam Protection.


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