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What you need to know to use a developer release

We will occasionally release our product as a "developer release" version, in order to provide a preview of upcoming capabilities. It is important to understand key definitions and recommended use cases prior to installing or trying out a developer release.

What are developer releases?

In short, they are versions of our product made available so developers can preview and evaluate new features. Gathering developer feedback early in a product's development and release process can improve the features, stability and performance of our product overall.

How should I use a developer release?

A developer release may be used by everybody who wants to provide feedback on a new feature as early as possible, since they may have an interest in long-term product enhancements. Otherwise, developers who simply want to keep up-to-date about new features, or who generally try out anything new or cutting-edge, may enjoy previewing a developer release. All developers, customers and community members are encouraged to look at our developer releases and provide feedback.

However, keep in mind that a developer release is actually alpha or beta software. By definition, this means it has received little or no QA beyond the unit tests performed internally by developers. You will likely encounter bugs and unfinished features.

As a consequence, developer releases are not meant to be put into production. They are unstable by nature, and we cannot ensure they will not break your system.

In addition, they are not covered by Securitycheck Subscription programs, so there are no guaranteed support SLAs, documentation, etc. If you have problems with a developer release, we encourage you to submit this as feedback - but we cannot commit to providing help or support to you.
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