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One of the most common problems for all developers and everyone managing a Joomla website is adding changes to all our websites once finished. Every update of the extensions installed or even of the Joomla core requires to be tested previously in an environment to be fully sure that everything still works as expected. Once done those tests, we have to follow the same steps on our live site, so we must repeat the job twice.

Well, now we can use an option to promote our develop site to live site with on click: [url=]deevop[/url].

The idea is simple: we have a workflow with 3 environments: develop, demo and production. We can work in develop and, for example, upload to demo the changes which we will shown to our client. After receiving the OK, with one click we promote the website from demo to production. Yes, with one click.
If we need to install new versions of our extensions or to make changes, then we come back our production site to demo (to be fully sure that we work with the live site), apply the changes and promote it to production again if everything works fine.

With our account we will be able to manage our website easily using a very intuitive interface. A color code will show us in which environments are we working, and all the options available give us all the tools needed to work on our website: a code editor, drag & drop file manager, database management, control of versions, image editor and even a wiki to add our knowledge.
If we are part of a team this is fantastic because collaboration is extremely simple.

Currently we can also add only two add-ons: Google Analytics or StatusCake; however, I'm sure that new options will be available in a future.

In conclusion, an option which will simply your life and will allow you to reduce costs. Brian Teeman also recommends it !
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