Topic-icon Securitycheck and Securitycheck Pro 2.8.8 released

4 years 7 months ago #2246 by Jose
We have updated Securitycheck and Securitycheck Pro to 2.8.6 version to fix a bug:

+ Database update until Apr 02 2016 (3 new vulnerabilities added) (both versions)
+ Support for remote installations (only Pro version)
Scuritycheck Pro Control Center now allows remote installation of extensions in managed sites. Added code to support this new feature.
+ Fixed minor bug in backend exceptions (only Pro version)
Now we check for empty strings before apply every exception.
+ Minor changes in en-GB language (thank you for your contribution Howard!) (only Pro version)
+ New feature: forbid frontend login (thanks for your suggestion Komir!) (only Pro version)
Now we can forbid to members of the 'Super Users' group to log in into frontend.
+ New feature: purge sessions (thanks for your suggestion Komir!) (only Pro version)
Now we can purge all sessions. This is useful if users have problem to log into the site.
+ Fixed bug during installation (thank your your patience Craig!) (only Pro version)
We got an error due to a mismatch in a table column name.
+ Improvements in Database Update mechanism (both versions)
Added a complementary method to retrieve the info of the xml file to avoid restrictions in some hosting providers.
+ Fixed minor bug in .htaccess protection (only Pro version)
Due to the design of texarea, html tags into the 'Own code' field were deleted before storing it.
+ Updated predefined list of banned user-agents (thanks for your help Craig!) (only Pro version)
To cover those cases trying to exploit the dangerous vulnerability discover on Joomla 3.4.5
+ Added info to Geoblocking feature (only Pro version)
Blocking some countries you will also block legitimate bots coming from there. For example, if you block United States, Googlebot will not be able to reach your site.
+ Added option to exclude access attempts from logs (only Pro version)
This way we avoid thousands of logs when banned IPs try to access to the site.
+ Change file integrity behaviour on first scan (only Pro version)
Now all files are marked as SAFE during the first scan. We will also get a badge reporting this.
+ Fixed bug in htaccess protection (thanks for report this Bill!) (both versions)
This feature didn't use the info of existing htaccess.txt file (if exists); this caused the addition of outdated code when a new .htaccess file was generated.
+ Added new feature to .htaccess protection (thanks for your suggestion Francesco!) (both versions)
Now you can edit the default user-agent blacklist to suit your needs.
+ Minor changes in all scan tasks (both versions)
Due to the default behaviour of Joomla's core JFolder function, the file .htaccess was excluded of all scans. Now has been added.
+ Fixed minor bug in web firewall logs (thanks for report this Bill!) (only Pro version)
Geoblock labels were reversed.
+ New language available: en-US (thanks for your contribution Bill!) (only Pro version)
+ Added options to check for mandatory files (only Pro version)
Now we check for some mandatory files to avoid blank pages if for some reason they don't exists.
+ Fixed deprecated alert on PHP 7 (thanks for report this Etitek!) (both versions)
+ Updated info about Metascan-online (only Pro version)
Metascan-online now is Metadefender Cloud. Updated definitions and servers to contact to.


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