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5 years 4 months ago - 5 years 4 months ago #1100 by Jose
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Today, registered users of have received the following email:

Our website was hacked

We are incredibly sorry to inform you that our systems have been hacked and this hacker might have stolen at least part of our user database.

Even though user passwords are saved encrypted in our Joomla database, if your password is common with other services/websites, we recommend to change them in order to avoid any problem. Encrypted passwords are extremely hard to figure them out because Joomla uses the password_hash() PHP function to encrypt passwords.

Since then we've taken several measures on the server-side and in Joomla to fix this security leak.

If you have any question, please use the Support -> Contact Form in order to contact us.

It seems no source code has been compromised, only users database, so if you have received this email and use the same password for other services (you don't do that, do you???) you should change it ASAP.

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