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The new EU-VAT regulations will affect on 1.1.2015 not only all EU consumers but also everyone - worldwide - selling to EU, so it will affect everyone directly or indirectly.

This new - as of Jan 1st, 2015 - regulations completely changes the way in which VAT (consumer sales tax) is charged on digital services.

Instead of the tax rate being applied according to where the supplier is located, the seller must determine where the buyer is located and apply the relevant local rate of tax to the purchaser.

The intention of this new legislation, is to put a stop to billions of euros of the consumer tax being lost due to multi-nationals locating in low tax jurisdictions.

What does this mean to you ?

If you make a purchase from an EU location, you will be charged VAT accordingly based on your purchasing location.

So as a purchaser, you will most likely experience price increases when purchasing from a EU location (regardless of the seller's location).

This law is just plain wrong and there is a move against it; here are some ways you can help and voice your objections now:
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