Securitycheck Pro Control Center 2.3.2 released

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1 year 8 months ago - 1 year 8 months ago #9295 by Jose
I have updated Securitycheck Pro Control Center to 2.3.2 version to fix some bugs and add improvements:

+ Visual improvements
Now we can set a color and tags for each managed website, so we can distinguish websites easily at a first glance.
+ Improvements retrieving enable/disable analytics task status
Now we can see in the log if those tasks were launched successfully in the remote site.
+ Improvements in Analytics
Now we see the website code into the 'Visitor Analytics' tab.
+ Fixed bug preventing loading some mandatory files (thanks for your time Grzegorz!)
Sites stored in subfolders were not loading some mandatory javascript and css files.
+ Improvements following redirections (thanks for your time Grzegorz!)
Redirection now avoids following headers with a 'X-CDN-location' header.
+ Fixed bug retrieving the core status in email sent to the administrator.
+ Improvements in website monitor (thanks for your suggestions Brian!)
Fixed some english translation errors and added internationalization to the messages shown.
+ Improvements in loading time (thanks for your contribution George!)
Now the extension has gzipped files for all .js and .css files. This way we can make use of this feature (present in the .htaccess file of J4), improving loading times of the extension.
+ Improvements to avoid deprecated errors in PHP 8.1

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