Securitycheck and Securitycheck Pro 3.5.1 released

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1 year 3 months ago #9294 by Jose
I have updated Securitycheck and Securitycheck Pro to version 3.5.1 to fix some bugs and add improvements:

+ Database update until Sep 01 2022 (both versions)
+ Improvements in SQL injection filter (thank you very much for your time Carren!) (both versions)
To detect some boolean-based and time-based blind sql attacks.
+ Improvements in backend protection (free version)
To avoid errors in Joomla 4 when templates get images into the administrator folder. This improvement is already in Pro version since a some versions ago.
+ Fixed bug preventing loading some mandatory files (thanks for your time Grzegorz!) (only Pro version)
Sites stored in subfolders were not loading some mandatory javascript and css files.
+ Changed some firewall default values (only Pro version)
Now default values for "Dynamic blacklist time" and "Dynamic blacklist counter" are 60000 and 2 (instead of 600 and 5). As the 'Default config' is also applied by default, the risks of false positives is lower and the site is better protected.
+ Improvements in OTP feature (only Pro version)
Since Joomla 4.2.0 the 2FA plugins will be replaced by Multifactor Authentication plugins. I have adapted the OTP feature, that allows super users to access to the website even if they are blocked, to support this change. We will still need a Verification or Yubikey code to gain access to the site.
+ Improvements in loading time (thanks for your contribution George!) (only Pro version)
Now the extension has gzipped files for all .js and .css files. This way we can make use of this feature (present in the .htaccess file of J4), improving loading times of the extension.
+ Improvements in the '.htaccess protection' feature (only Pro version)
Updated default .htaccess files to apply the '.htaccess protection' feature. Those files are used only if the htaccess.txt file is not present in the root folder.
+ Improvements in extension's design (again) (only Pro version)
To avoid menu dissapearing on J3 if a plugin loads the modal core function.
+ Improvements to void deprecated errors in PHP 8.1 (<span style="color: #339966;"><strong>both versions</strong></span>)


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