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1 year 3 months ago #7937 by Jose
e have updated Securitycheck and Securitycheck Pro to version 3.2 to fix some bugs and to ensure compatibility with Control Center 2.0:

+ Database update until June 30 2020 (5 new Joomla core vulnerabilities added) (both versions)
+ IMPORTANT: This version is needed for Control Center 2.0 (Only Pro version)
Due to the complete redesign of Control Center, since its 2.0 version we need this version or upper to manage our sites.
+ Fixed minor bug in File integrity (thank you very much for your time Lukasz!) (Only Pro version)
We got a blank page in PHP 7.4 after clicking on the "Mark all modified files" button.
+ Fixed minor bug in logs (Only Pro version)
We got a warning if we don't select any log and press any "mark as" button.
+ Improvements in javascript to avoid 'unsale-eval' expressions (Only Pro version)
+ [bRemoved cookie file and its code; using Joomla core instead and added "strict" value for "samesite" attribute[/b] (Only Pro version)
+ Added new security header: Feature policy (Only Pro version)
The 'Feature policy' header is available into the .htaccess protection feature.
+ Changed default priority in list (thank you very much for your suggestion Jeff!) (Only Pro version)
Now Whitelist is set as 'First priority'.
+ Improvements in firewall code (thank you very much for your help Alex!) (Only Pro version)
To avoid warnign messages when an attack is detected and connection cut.


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