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The upcoming version of Control Center (2.0) introduces significant changes in the way it functions. Basically, the Control Center 2.0 contacts your managed websites and instructs them to launch tasks. Those websites then report back to the Control Center the results of their tasks. This method allows you to assign different tasks to different sites without having to wait for each site's reply as it has done in the past.

The Control Center changes to also requires that Securitycheck Pro must be updated as well. So Securitycheck Pro 3.2 and Control Center 2.0 are published together.

The process to update Control Center 2.0 requires the following steps:

- Make sure that CRON is ENABLED on all of your managed websites.

- Update Securitycheck Pro to version 3.2 on ALL MANAGED WEBSITES BEFORE any taking other action.

Inspite of receiving an "Extensions updated successfully" message, the extension remains as outdated in Control Center because the extension has changed the way it reports its tasks results.

Checking any managed site should display the latest version number.

- Upload the new Control Center 2.0 version.

Note: If your style settings change, refresh the page since new files have been added.

- Launch a "Refresh task" and Control Center should work fine.

- If you don't update Securitycheck Pro before the Control Center, you will get a "Error" status and the following info in the log file:
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