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1 year 2 months ago - 1 year 2 months ago #7601 by Jose
We have updated Securitycheck and Securitycheck Pro to version 3.1.11 to fix some bugs and add new features:

+ Database update until Feb 24 2020 (5 new Joomla core added) (both versions)
+ IMPORTANT: Geolocation services are no longer available (Only Pro version)
Due to the changes in Maxmind TOS, all services that provided geolocation are no longer available. This is, you won't be able to use the "Geoblocking" feature nor there will be geopraphic info from every IP added to logs, whitelist, blacklist, dynamic blacklist and so on. This has not been an easy decision, but taking into consideration their new terms of service and that spoofing the IP-based location has always been trivial I finally have chosen to remove this feature from Securitycheck Pro.
+ Improvements in the method to determine the offensive IP (thank you very much for your contribution arcturus!) (Only Pro version)
Now we can determine the real IP when we use a service like Cloudflare.
+ Improvements in logs (thank you very much for your contribution arcturus!) (Only Pro version)
Now the url is not truncated.
+ Changes in default configuration (Only Pro version)
There are some settings that could potentially block an user after installing the extension (i.e. user session protection). For non-technical users this could be a great deal, so now I enable the 'Easy config' feature for new installations. This can reduce a bit the initial level of protection, but settings can be enabled after reading the user guide.
+ Improvements in source code to adapt it to Joomla namespace. (both versions)
+ New language available: Ukrainian (thank you very much for your contribution Dima!) (Only Pro version)
+ Fixed bug related to control center connect plugin (thank you very much for your reporting this Erik!) (Only Pro version)
IPs were not added to be consumed by the plugin.

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