Topic-icon Securitycheck and Securitycheck Pro 3.1.10 released

1 year 5 months ago #7378 by Jose
We have updated Securitycheck and Securitycheck Pro to version 3.1.10 to fix some bugs and add new features:

+ Database update until Dec 09 2019 (1 new Joomla core and 1 new vulnerabilities added) (both versions)
+ GeoIP database updated (Only Pro version)
+ Improve PHP 7.4 compatibility (both versions)
+ Improvements in 'session hijack' protection (thank you very much for your contribution Juan Carlos and company!)
Now we have the option to select which elements (IP and/or User-agent) will be checked to avoid session hickjaking.
+ Improvements in Geolocation (thank you very much for reporting this Compolaser!)
Now I check if, for some reason, there is no IP to check.
+ Fixed small notice message checking scan files
+ Joomla 4 compatibility till Alpha 12 (both versions)


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