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2 years 2 months ago #5896 by Jose
We have updated Securitycheck Pro to version 3.1.1 to fix some bugs and add new features:

+ Database update until Jun 29 2018 (9 new Joomla core and 3 new vulnerabilities added) (both versions)
+ GeoIP database updated (only Pro version)
+ Improvements in css for Joomla 4 (only Pro version)
Added extra code to move the extension's form to the right when we use Joomla navigation bar. This way navigation bar is not positioned over the form.
+ Adapt the extension to new Joomla versioning (both versions)
+ Improvements in all tasks (only Pro version)
Now a log is created when a task (permissions,integrity, malware) is launched. This way we can check it if something goes wrong.
+ Improvements in security (only Pro version)
Added some extra checks to improve security in certain methods to avoid MiTM attacks.
+ Added an emergency url to circunvent a Super User IP blocked (only Pro version)
Sometimes a Securitycheck Pro configuration can result in accidentally blocking a Super User from the site. Normally that would require you to rename some folders of Securitycheck Pro' system plugin or launch some queries from phpmyadmin to unblock yourself. This can be rather complicated for some site administrators. The One Time Password feature (OTP) works around that problem in a secure manner. Visiting a special URL lets you log in to your site's administrator and unblock yourself.
+ Improvements in HTTP headers protection (only Pro version)
Added a few methods to improve security using HTTP headers (Strict Transport Security, X-Xss-Protection, Content-Security-Policy and Referrer-Policy).
+ Maxmind related code updated (only Pro version)
Updated the Maxmind Geoip v2 and Reader source code.


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