Topic-icon Securitycheck and Securitycheck Pro 3.0.1 released

2 years 3 months ago #5582 by Jose
I have updated Securitycheck Pro to version 3.0.1 to fix some bugs and add new features:

+ Database update until Mar 21 2018 (1 new Joomla core and 45 new vulnerabilities added) (both versions)
+ GeoIP database updated (only Pro version)
+ Malware database updated (thank you very much for your contribution, Ɓukasz!) (only Pro version)
+ Fixed bug related to new css and javascript files (thank you very much for reporting this, Harry!) (only Pro version)
If the website was stored into a subfolder css and javascript files were not properly load.
+ Fixed bug in Dutch translation (thank you very much for reporting this, Harry!) (only Pro version)
+ Fixed bug in "Clear data option" (only Pro version)
This feature didn't work fine launching it from some options.
+ Fixed bug showing tables in some browsers (thank you very much for reporting this, Chris!) (only Pro version)
In some browsers (Edge, Opera) tables were not properly fit to parent container. As there was no scroll bar the only way to manage them was resizing browser's content.
+ Added some new translation files (only Pro version)
+ Fixed minor bug in logs screen (thank you for your time Joe!) (only Pro version)
With certain patterns the table was not fixed to its container.
+ Fixed minor bugs in System Info (thank you for reporting this Paul and Jeff!) (only Pro version)
The "wrench" button of "Malware found?" and "Forbid new admin accounts" options did not work properly.
+ Button removed of Malware scan (thank you for reporting this Paul!) (only Pro version)
The "View suspicious files" button is no longer needed and has been removed.
+ Fixed blank page after installing 3.0.0 version (thank you for your time Robert!) (only Pro version)
We got a blank screen after installing 3.0.0 version due to a rare issue related with cron.
+ Improvements in malware scanner (only Pro version)
Now the malware scanner looks for malware on supposed image files (i.e .ico files).
+ Improvements in firewall filters (only Pro version)
Now some new patterns to bypass filters are detected.
+ Improvements in malware scanner (only Pro version)
Now database files of malware samples are encoded to avoid false positives of antivirus.
+ Fixed bug in italian translation (thank you for reporting this Gianluca!) (only Pro version)
+ Fixed bug in System Info (only Pro version)
If the option "Applied" of Backend protection were enabled then backend protection was shown as "Not applied".
+ Fixed mistakes in en-GB translations (only Pro version)
John, thank you very very much for your effort!


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