Topic-icon Securitycheck Pro Control Center 1.1.18 released

2 years 1 month ago #4894 by Jose
We have updated Securitycheck Pro Control Center to 1.1.18 version to fix some bugs and add a few improvements:

+ Fixed bug in remote backups (thanks for your time and patience Fabian and Pablo!)
Some websites return a 301 code when the remote backup is launched; added some code to solve this.
+ New feature: automated backups
Now we can also launch an automated backup in any of our managed websites.
+ Fixed bug in .htpasswd (thanks for your patience Frank!)
No task worked if there was a .htpasswd in frontend.
+ Improvements in usability (thanks for your suggestion Frank!)
Now the screens to manage websites are responsive.
+ Fixed bug in "select all" checkbox
Not all websites were selected.
+ Fixed bug showing all managed websites after a task
After launching a "refresh" or "upload&install" task from "managed websites" screen only selected websites were shown.


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