Topic-icon Securitycheck Pro Control Center 1.1.17 released

2 years 3 months ago #4753 by Jose
We have updated Securitycheck Pro Control Center to 1.1.17 version to fix some bugs and add a few improvements:

+ Fixed grammar issues in english translation
Thanks for your contribution Richie!
+ Fixed bug updating Securitycheck Pro (thanks for reporting this Richie!)
Updating the extension ended with an error message.
+ Added new plugin: Securitycheck Pro Control Center installer
Now we also can update the extension using the native Joomla core feature.
+ Improvements in main panel
Now we also see the status of our subscription.
+ Improvements in remote backup with Akeeba
Now we can select the profile to launch the remote backup.
+ Changes in a task (thank you very much for your suggestion Kai!)
The "Delete all blocked acccess logs" task is now "Delete all logs". This means ALL logs of remote sites will be deleted if we launch this task.
+ Improvements in update notifications (thanks for your suggestion Pablo!)
Now we see installed and available version (as Joomla does) on each update found.
+ Fixed minor bug during core update (thanks for your suggestion Kai!)
By mistake this process created a new path into de administrator folder.
+ Changes in Manage Websites screen (thanks for your suggestion Kai!)
Now we also see the date of last file permissions, integrity and malware scans.


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