Topic-icon Securitycheck and Securitycheck Pro 2.8.19 released

2 years 5 months ago #4398 by Jose
We have updated Securitycheck Pro to version 2.8.19 to fix some bugs and add new features:

+ Database update until Apr 17 2017 (101 new vulnerabilities added) (both versions)
+ Improvements in malware scanner (thanks for your contribution Igor!) (only Pro version)
+ Fixed bug in Control Center (only Pro version)
Fixed bug updating the Joomla core using Securitycheck Pro Control Center in PHP 7.
+ Improvements in .htaccess protection (only Pro version)
Now we can choose to which url will be redirected all attempts to access the backend without the secret key.
+ Fixed minor bug exporting info (only Pro version)
If the site name contains spaces filename to be exported was generated without the extension.
+ New feature: url inspector (only Pro version)
The url inspector allows us to ban IPs that use forbidden words in urls. This way we have a powerful mechanism to control all queries to our website, even those that are redirected to a 404 page.
For example, if we receive an url to access to wp-admin.php, that is typical of Wordpress sites, the url inspector can be configured to add the IP to blacklist because it's clear that it's not a valid query. This feature doesn't break other sef extensions installed.
+ Changed log icons (only Pro version)
All icons have been replaced with new ones with a more fresh style.
+ Fixed minor (and rare) issue causing a blank page on main panel (only Pro version)
In some websites a blank page arises accessing to main panel. This was due to an accent in a javascript comment!
+ Improvements in default banned user-agent list (thanks for your contribution Marko!) (only Pro version)
+ Minor improvement in geoblock Geolite update (only Pro version)
Now we see the error code if for some reason the extension can't reach Maxmind servers.


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